About Me

Chris Petersen

I am a Web Site/Application Developer, Database Administrator, Graphic Designer, and IT Consultant for a wide variety of business applications.

I specialize in web development, database driven interactive solutions for industrial training and decision making, eLearning, document and data management, online marketing, and custom business dashboards.

Some of my recent web solutions include sites for retail, cemeteries, musicians, private equity finance dashboards, as well as various VPN and intranet applications.

I have created eLearning solutions and training materials for Autodesk, GM, Pfizer, Oracle and others.

My energy industry solutions include web-based coal supply chain management for a large utility; a web-based coal truck fleet management system; a web-based enterprise software system for the leading synfuels processor; and a web-based synfuels plant management system.

I code mostly in Coldfusion or PHP for back-end rendering HTML, and javascript for modifying HTML (jquery, bootstrap, angular, etc) but am flexible depending on the project. I use Photoshop for any graphic work.

My clients and employers over the past 2 decades have included Sierra Online, Lockheed Martin, Autodesk, Pfizer, GM and many others.

Background & Education

Cogswell Polytechnical College

I received a B.A. in Computer Video Imaging specializing in Interactive Design from Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale California in 2000. I have been programming and designing web sites/applications since the mid 90's.

I was a founding partner in SeeHearMedia, an eLearning company. In 2003 I left SeeHearMedia to focus on web application development and energy industry solutions including a coal supply chain management system for a large utility; a coal truck fleet management system; an enterprise software system for the leading synfuels processor; and a synfuels plant management system.


I am constantly adding software/languages/etc to my toolkit, but some of my staples include:

Software, CMS, Et cetera

  • Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Notepad++, & Eclipse - Coding
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator - 2D Graphics
  • Adobe Premiere - Video Editing
  • Apache Web Server & Microsoft IIS
  • Wordpress
  • Google Analytics - Detailed Website Traffic Information


  • Coldfusion/Railo/Lucee
  • PHP
  • Javascript/JQuery/D3.js
  • HTML
  • CSS

I have also used Adobe Flash & Director, After Effects, Autodesk 3DStudio Max, as well as content management systems including Drupal & Joomla but do not list them above as I have not used them in the past few years. I could get back up to speed on these in a short time if needed.

I have worked with many frameworks for various languages over the years (Ember/Backbone/Angular [JS], Mach-II [Coldfusion], CodeIgniter [PHP], among others) and feel comfortable adapting to whichever framework is in use for a particular project.

I started in Visual Basic in the 90's, .NET in the early 2000's and Java for Android development but do not list these as a current skills as I have not used them in the past 5 years as I have been focusing on rapid web development using Coldfusion/PHP for server side logic and HTML/CSS for presentation.