Data Management & Systems Integration

Require an existing system or data source to connect to another?

I can help connect discrete systems or legacy data sources to get your data working together.

Case Studies

  • Predictive Analytics

    Client: Strategy Interactive Software

    Predictive Analytics


    Using proprietary math provided by the client, this web based presentation connects to stock price feeds and financial APIs from sources such as and tracks past stock performance to provide predictions on future performance.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS), Javascript/jQuery.

  • Houston Permitting

    Client: Overbrook Designs, LLC

    Houston Permitting


    Overbrook Designs wished to anticipate homeowners' needs when planned construction would be completed to contact them in a timely manner for sales.

    Taking data from Houston area Building Permits, tagging the permits with geolocation information and combining it with Google Maps API allowed a clear visualization on when and where projects could be anticipated to complete (screenshot above, top left). Creating an individual profile for each permit (Permit Data Sheet) allowed Overbrook to track communications with the contractor & owner, as well as quickly see photos of the property through Google Street View as well as a map of the location and driving directions (screenshot above, bottom right).

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS), Javascript/jQuery, Houston Permits Database (Excel to MySQL), and Google Maps.

  • The Frog At Work

    Client: Overbrook Designs, LLC

    The Frog At Work


    Overbrook Designs LLC needed a private web based application for managing business data including customers, suppliers, employee information and accounts, email and marketing data, photo galleries, 3rd party website urls/login information, and service monitoring for their website, email and database servers. This tool was created to manage that information.

    The content has been blurred to hide any potentially proprietary information.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS, and graphics).

  • Sisters Member Directory Search

    Client: Sisters LLC

    Sisters Member Directory Search


    Sisters Member Search allowed members and mentors to search for members of the Sisters ecosystem. The search interface was an Angular widget for search filters amd uses CSS to flip the member card to show additional information when clicked.

    The screenshot above uses example member names and photos, not the real members.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javascript, Angular

  • Train Game

    Client: Strategy Interactive Software / Mirant

    Train Game


    Mirant needed a way to track their train cars, determine slow spots, record quality reports and improve scheduling. Data needed to be collected from a variety of sources including train depots and quality test labs then connected in a single platform to provide a clear overview.

    This solution gave an easy method for tracking this data and provided an at-a-glance picture of their supply chain and quality.

    The train game was deployed and used in the early 2000s.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS). Design by Sodari Design.

  • Due Diligence Website

    Client: Concentric Energy Corp.

    Diligence Site


    The Diligence website was a custom web based file management app which allowed a description of the line item allowing either single or multiple files per line, along with checkboxes for "NA, Provided, or To Be Provided" for maintaining compliance.

    There were two components, an editor for administrators and a read-only mode for users. The files were uploaded via https to a non-web accessible folder on the server and accessed via a url which would pull the file for download on demand provided the correct access credentials.

    Technology & Services

    HTTPS, Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, MySQL