Online Marketing

Informational or entertaining, marketing your product or service online can increase awareness and engage new and existing users.

Want to extend your online presence and deliver promotional materials directly to your client's inbox?

From developing a custom email marketing calendar, to helping you with your content and executing your campaigns, to reporting and analyzing results, let me take care of your end-to-end email marketing and let you get back to running your business.

Case Studies

  • Email Marketing

    Client: Overbrook Designs, LLC

    The Frog At Home Email Marketing


    I managed email marketing services using Constant Contact and MailChimp for Overbrook Designs' The Frog at Home and The Frog Blinds Shutters Shades from 2009-2013. Working with the co-owner, Lynne Averett, I designed and delivered over 100 issues of their newsletter to thousands of clients.

    Technology & Services

    Graphic Design, Constant Contact and MailChimp.

  • 3D Marketing Mini-Game "Go Invent"

    Client: Autodesk

    Go Invent


    Go Invent was a marketing piece created for Autodesk promoting the release of their Inventor software. Go Invent was created using Macromedia Director and used the Shockwave-Flash browser plugin.

    Visitors to the website could select components from the list at the bottom to install on their submarine, which would calculate the weight and speed the sub could achieve. Equiping the correct components would provide an animation of the submarine successfully navigating its way to the goal and using its arms to manipulate an underwater object.

  • Concentric Energy Presentation

    Client: Concentric Energy Corporation

    Custom Presentation


    Concentric Energy needed a private marketing presentation available online to investors & shareholders. Created in Flash, the presentation content would slide left-right within the viewport depending on the section clicked. Dragging the mouse could also slide the content to the next frame.

    Due to advancements in CSS and Javascript, this presentation format can be created in HTML without any plugins.